Speech Moves

What you say matters, regardless of where you say it.


Speech Moves is a non-partisan movement to reinforce the power of speech. Social media has become a massive influence in our society. It allows people the freedom to share their opinions with the world, but also provides a veil of anonymity. As champions of the shared idea for nearly four decades, WSB developed the Speech Moves movement as a reminder that what you say matters regardless of where you say it.


There is power in our differences

The people who lent their voice to this movement all have varying political beliefs, occupations, industries and backgrounds which shines light on how truly universal this movement is.

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WSB is the champion of the shared idea

An advocate for both the speakers who share them, and for the audiences who listen and spread those ideas around the world. WSB started based on the belief that the shared stories of passionate individuals have the power to inspire and even transform the lives of others. A global agency with nearly four decades of experience, WSB connects the greatest storytellers of our time to audiences around the globe.